HI Nicki – just wanted to say a huge WOW!!!

What a wonderful machine the Hummer is and what a fantastic time the kids had. It completely made there day..month…probably year to be honest. They had no idea until it pulled up outside – they thought they were all around mine for a pre-prom drinks party and were thrilled with having a shandy in the garden all done up in their finery but when I told them what the real party was they were so excited and happy – it’s one of those moments that will last for them and us parents for a long time to come.

The driver guy was excellent – really helpful and kind but also made them sit sensibly and that which was good. They had a fantastic drive round and turned up spot on time – give him a bit thank you from all of us.

I know this is what you guys do and what we pay for but it really does make a good time into a special, never to be forgotten time and never forget that.

I’m sure most people don’t bother to tell you unless something goes wrong but the service you provide is extravagant and decadent but also brilliant and the ultimate treat. thank you, loved it, well chuffed!

Julie Hampshire